Meet Jamal! Our new Research Executive

How long have you worked at Progressive?

Since February 2021.

What keeps you coming back for more?

I have found the variety and range of projects interesting. There seems to be plenty of room to try your hand at different types of work, looking through different lenses. Since the start, I have been given the freedom to contribute in multiple ways towards the delivery of projects, this is refreshing and helps me feel like a valued member of the team.

What are your research interests?

Coming from a background in psychology, I find myself drawn to research focusing on consciousness and people’s social behaviours. Looking at how the unique elements of a person’s being can affect and control their everyday lives. Additionally, I have an interest in consumer psychology and marketing. How an identity can be shaped around brands and how we create meaning and attach ourselves to certain consumer behaviours. I find it fascinating to see different motivations and desires and how this ultimately shapes an individual.

Tell us about one of your favourite projects.

Working on the City of Edinburgh Council public consultation on the Edinburgh Winter Festivals. One aspect of the project involved running focus groups with various demographics. I found it interesting to hear the views and experiences of these different people all living in Edinburgh. The openness of the sessions revealed the uniqueness of experience and explored so many angles on a widely debated topic.

And what about the Progressive team

I think the atmosphere is great. The team are really good at offering support and allowing for personal development. Everyone is on the same page, and we are able to produce excellent work.

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