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It’s a numbers game and we offer a full range of services to gather robust and accurate data, including online surveys, face-to-face and telephone interviewing, omnibus services and mystery shopping. Take a look at our core quantitative research techniques below…


Online surveys capture insights quickly, targeting your specific audience and gathering the data efficiently. Our team designs and scripts engaging surveys, generating easy to use links to be distributed through client mailing lists, promoted via social media, on QR codes or using our online panel partners.


Face-to-face interviewing is great when you want to reach a niche audience – for example you’re eager to know more about why people visit certain local attractions, or you need to talk to people who are not digitally engaged. We can send our team of skilled field interviewers to gather the data right from the source, using the latest CAPI technology.


We have our own in-house CATI unit, delivering quality data from interviews conducted by our highly trained and experienced team. Whether you’re interested in the general public, senior business professionals or feedback from your own customers, our team has the skills to engage with people from all backgrounds to secure participation and conduct interviews in a friendly but professional way.

Scottish Opinion Omnibus

We established the now legendary Scottish Opinion omnibus nearly 20 years ago. It immediately found a niche and over the years we’ve built its robustness through partnership with the YouGov panel to give our clients fast, inexpensive access to over 1,000 Scottish consumers, perfectly profiled against Scotland as a whole. The omnibus is run online and delivers fast turnaround results.

Mystery shopping

Want to test your service? We design and conduct mystery shopping programmes to provide consistent, fair assessments and suggest how the customer experience could be made even better, whether by phone, email or in person.

Brand mapping

Progressive’s band mapping helps discover your brand’s core values and benchmarks and maps its progress, both against itself and a defined competitor set. We can identify where you are weak and where you are strong, and measure improvements as they are made.

“Progressive have always delivered clear and concise reports, with a high standard of professionalism.”

Andrew Wallace, Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

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