Case study

NHS 24

Exploring public views, guiding communications and evaluating campaigns for NHS 24

The aim

We’ve been working with NHS 24 for over a decade, on a range of qualitative and quantitative research projects with wide-ranging aims. We have tracked the effectiveness and advised on the content of their winter preparedness and other health campaigns, working very closely with their advertising agency in getting the content and tone of communication right; we’ve also conducted brand mapping and developed a Brand Index tool to track the brand performance of NHS 24 over time. Other projects have included supporting NHS 24 in understanding its 111 contact staff preferences for shift patterns and how shift management could be improved, and in-depth research with a range of medical practitioners to explore interventions to support patients to become more involved in medical consultations and their healthcare options.

Our approach

Because of the range of projects we have been involved in with NHS 24 we have used many different techniques and spoken to a wide variety of audiences. We’ve conducted face-to-face and online surveys with nationally representative samples of the population to evaluate various health campaigns such as Be Healthwise, Show you Care and Know How. Brand Index development involved group discussions with members of the public followed by a nationally representative online survey. Staff research has comprised workshops, in-depth interviews online and over the telephone along with focus group discussions online and in person.


We understand our client’s different target groups, their expectations, challenges with recruiting these groups as well as having experience of conducting research with the general population as a whole. We have the knowledge and expertise to support NHS 24 in a way that only their most experienced in-house people can. Our research has guided the development of NHS 24’s communications campaigns, aided them in a programme of organisational improvement and supported national policy development.

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